Well Working Group

Our focus is on helping the working team thrive.

This involves:

The system for gauging how the team is functioning is an experimental process that has gone through several iterations.

The current process leverages the existing practices of stewardship and team retrospectives to help us gauge how the team, and the people, are doing. The Well Working Group prompts the stewardship catch-ups via a monthly Loomio proposal. The proposal includes a couple of questions related to team and individual wellbeing, to be included in the stewardship conversations. There is also an invitation for stewards/stewardees to feed back a couple of relevant key points into the stewardship thread post-meeting. If we see themes emerging then we can take positive action.

Stewards and stewardees are also invited to come and talk to the Well-Working Group at any time.

The Well-Working Group is mandated to conduct further lightweight experiments relating to team and individual wellbeing from time to time.