Loomio Community Group

This policy, which was agreed in collaboration with users, governs the Loomio Community Group on Loomio.

Keep in mind, the Loomio Community group is:

  • Public - Anyone can see the content on the internet. Anyone can request to join in and participate, and unless they violate this policy they will be welcomed.
  • Large - There are hundreds of people here, and posting to this group can reach all of them.
  • Diverse - We have group members from all over the world, in a huge range of personal, professional, political, and interest areas.
  • Valued - Many people care about Loomio very deeply and personally, and find the concepts around Loomio profoundly important.
  • Based on the Loomio Purpose - the ultimate foundation for the Loomio Community.

What this Group is For Engaging with the wider community of users, contributors, and supporters is absolutely key to the core values and purpose of Loomio. This is a community-driven project.

The Loomio Community group (and its subgroups) is a place to talk about Loomio, and all related concepts such as collaboration, facilitation, technology, democracy, politics, communication, decision-making. It’s a place to coordinate real contributions to the project, like to the codebase and translations. It’s a place to talk about ideas for the software, ask questions about best practice, share stories, debate interesting topics, and help one another to do fantastic collaboration in our various groups.

To create a respectful, safe, interesting, dynamic, diverse community, we need to operate on some shared principles.

Be Respectful of People

This is a shared community space. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face in public, probably don’t post it here. This is a judgement call for you to make.

It’s OK to disagree and see things differently. In fact, bringing together diverse perspectives is what Loomio is all about. This is a safe space for respectful dissent, experimenting with opinions, and diverse ideas.

But keep in mind that in the end, it’s about working toward shared understanding together, not fanning the flames of conflict. Really take the time to try to consider where others are coming from, and avoid knee-jerk reactions.

Be Respectful of this Space

It’s up to all of us to create a constructive, useful, organised, accessible community space together.

  • Work to improve the discussion - make your best effort to make sure what you’re contributing is adding value for the community as a whole.
  • Make your participation count - this is your space so work to create the kind of community you want to be a part of.
  • Housekeeping: stay on topic, use the search to see if your topic has already been raised before starting a new discussion, use subgroups as appropriate, and avoid no-content posts and use the app’s features (use the like button instead of posting that you like something, and use the position buttons on a proposal instead of commenting that you agree or disagree).

There are Some Boundaries

Some things will not be tolerated here and may result in being asked to leave, or being banned:

  • Abuse, hate speech, harassment, name-calling, disparagement
  • Creating an unsafe space for diversity, marginalised people, and minority voices
  • Spam, needless obscenity, violating the Terms of Service

For questions, concerns, comments, or to report any violation of this policy, email contact@loomio.org or contact any of the coordinators of the Loomio Community group.