Purpose & Vision

The Loomio Co-operative exists to create a world where it’s easy for anyone to participate in decisions that affect them.

With the right collaborative process, groups generate better ideas, decisions and actions than any individual would by themselves. The Loomio Co-operative aims to break down the barriers to participation in decision-making at every level: in neighbourhoods, community organisations, businesses, social movements, and local and national governance.


Co-operative social enterprise

Loomio is a social enterprise collectively owned by the people building it. Unlike a traditional profit-maximising company, revenue is not an end in itself, but a means towards achieving a core social purpose. A worker-owned cooperative structure is a powerful way to live our values of collaboration and collective ownership.

Independent and neutral

Loomio is committed to remaining independent so it can provide a neutral place for any group to come together.

Open-source collaboration

Loomio aims to develop open-source tools that make collaboration accessible to everyone.

Adaptive, reflexive, user-driven

Loomio aims to develop tools which are iterative, self-reflexive and adaptive, driven by the collective wisdom of the user community.


The Loomio Co-operative will be surrounded by a valued community of users and contributors. This community must be confident that the Loomio Co-operative is doing what it says it is. We are committed to high standards for sharing information.

Our purpose, vision and values are enshrined in our company constitution.