Looking after people

We have a huge emphasis on looking after people. We've learnt that when people are feeling happy and well, they do great work.

Whether it is the daily question, 'what are you doing for your wellbeing today?', to the Well Working Group who focus on enhancing the vibe, to the stewardship system for distributing the work of caring for people.

Our employees have the autonomy and collective trust to work in whatever way they feel makes them, and the people around them, most productive. We recognise that some unavoidable aspects of life affect wellbeing and can make productivity more difficult, such as menstruation. We encourage workers to speak to their wellbeing as much as makes them comfortable. We actively seek to disrupt the stigma around taboo aspects of physical health, and mental health, and make accommodations for them.

Rich has written about what it's like working in a caring organisation.